About us

ED AND WILL is a luxury fashion brand for women created by two brothers in Barcelona.

With a business background, these two brothers found their passion in the fashion industry after working together for the same fashion company in Ibiza. It was there they became captivated with women’s accessories and their power of seduction.

In 2014 the brothers Ed and Will, developed the idea to launch a shoe line where they could express their own vision.

The essence of their designs is inspired by the elegant simplicity of organic shapes and the beauty of some colors, lights and textures found in nature. Materials such as stone, steel and ceramic pieces used in urban buildings and structures are also a great source of inspiration.

ED AND WILL aesthetic is modern and combines fine materials, geometric details and clean lines with excellent Spanish craftsmanshift, blending comfort and design. ED AND WILL perfectly highlight the attitude and personality of a woman.

The attention the duo plays to every detail is magnificent and the balance they strike between fashion-forward and classically chic means that you will be able to wear their accessories for years. By being part of the whole creation process, the two brothers tend to create a unique and exclusive product for a woman to feel confident, sophisticated and sexy.